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Jarman Smith

Development Manager & Designer

Jarman prides himself on placing great emphasis on listening to the requirements of his clients to properly evaluate their needs. He regards good business relationships as highly important in ensuring the design and functionality of your website perfectly matches your expectations. Jarman’s experience with a variety of content management systems helps him tailor your IT needs into tangible real-world results in the traffic to your business.

Dan Roberts

Web Developer

After selling his SilverStripe agency, Dan decided to utilise his experience in website app development and follow his passion. He’s a software development engineer with a breadth of knowledge in the digital marketing industry, having worked both as a freelancer and for many large agencies. He’s been working in software development for over a decade, and have produced software solutions leading to growth for a number of clients over the years, including DHL, Royal Mail, Australia Post, and more.

Deja Ballard

Web Developer

While Deja is primarily a website developer and programmer, he is also an out-of-the-box thinker and problem solver. Deja’s wide breadth of experience in software, coding languages and CMS platforms allows him to produce tailored solutions for the goals of his clients. His customer service is where he shines, being able to develop custom code for complex functionality requirements meaning a personalised user experience to best suit your needs.

Sergey Shevchenko

Web Developer

Sergey thrives on creating and executing optimal solutions for clients IT problems. Sergey is a strong listener, turning clients’ ideas and requirements into user-friendly IT systems. Sergey is proud to have led a number of teams, in which his use of innovative approaches fostered a modern attitude to the software development methods employed.

Rhys Jack

Project Director

Rhys has been involved with digital marketing for almost a decade. He’s held a number of roles over the years, which has allowed him to specialise in paid search yet gain a deep and broad understanding of all digital channels.

Sam Edge

Head of Digital Advertising

Sam’s work involves using data to optimise digital marketing strategies leading to higher profits for his clients. Sam is passionate about digital and has a number of years experience in leading analysts that deliver high-quality ROI focused digital marketing to a large range of clients. Sam loves providing successful outcomes for his clients, as he finds deep satisfaction in seeing the practical application of his work foster growth for his clientele.

Janine Olis

Organic Search Analyst

Janine has been involved in digital since 2015. In that time she’s gained experience in a variety of marketing and advertising channels. Janine specialises in Digital Strategy and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Janine’s comprehensive knowledge of SEO has led to a strong track record of driving digital growth for clients across multiple industries.

Randall Dobbs

Owner & Chief Coach

Randal has spent over 35 years helping senior executives develop practical, actionable market plans to grow their business. His experience spans corporate management, business ownership, consultancy, and coaching both at management and board level. He enjoys the personal satisfaction gained from watching business plans play out in the real world, particularly for businesses making bold, new steps.

Lyannaire Johnston


Lyannaire is ranked New Zealand’s #1 LinkedIn expert. She’s the author of a book focused on maximising digital reach through LinkedIn success. Lyannaire is the CEO of Word Wizard and as such is responsible for providing guidance to enhance company presence and visibility through LinkedIn strategy. Lyannaire is devoted to building business for companies through the power of LinkedIn.

Caroline Hunter

Senior Writer

As Word Wizard’s senior writer, Caroline’s primary role is to turn technical concepts into engaging, readable posts. With experience in sub-editing, proofreading and copywriting, Caroline delights in demystifying digital marketing through the content she writes for Growth Partners.

Cher Forgeson

Content Publicist

Cher is a content publicist for Word Wizard and is responsible for the delivery of (and administration tasks associated with) Word Wizard’s services. Cher is motivated by watching her content transform into rising engagement levels. She works collaboratively with Growth Partners to maximise LinkedIn reach.

Jason Dinan

Founder and Principal Consultant

Jason is an executive coach and consultant with multiple decades of experience in growing sales revenue. He’s accomplished in the digital marketing sphere, having spent many years optimising the sales strategy of various SMEs to maximise their potential revenue. His specialty is growth, and loves challenging his clients to reach their peak potential.

Grant Shields

Business Consultant

Grant is a business consultant with a strong performance history in sales training and customer relationship building. He is fuelled by the desire to help others achieve the lifestyle they want, dedicating himself to helping people improve their work. His insights are derived from the knowledge he gained not only from management, but from a number of years in sales training.

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