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Steve Bambury


My passion for my role at Growth Partners stems from the fact that I have a strong desire to help people grow and achieve their dreams. When I look at the SME space I see so many people start out in business for the right reasons but the majority fail to gain a foothold in the marketplace. They either close their doors all too soon or rely on the hope that things will get better to get them through. I love sharing the expertise and lessons I’ve learned through my career journey to help businesses create a future-proof roadmap – a strategy that goes beyond hope that’s effective and efficient and affordable. This opportunity to give back to the business community, and to work with a talented and experienced team, makes my working life richly rewarding.

Mal Jack


I thrive on helping CEOs and business owners achieve their goals and grow in a profitable manner. There’s a genuine vibrancy around businesses in growth mode and I love being an integral part of positive changes in culture and in revenue - and in the achievement of aspirations and dreams. It’s exciting to see people to recapture their passion for what they do as we provide clarity and, in a common-sense way, make the complex simpler. It’s a pleasure to be able to use my global experience to help people grow their businesses and a privilege to be regarded as a trusted sounding board.

Keitha Smith

Head of Product Development

I have a deep love of communication – the sharing of skills, knowledge and understanding – that helps people overcome challenges, develop and grow. I believe any such sharing must benefit the listener in a way that is practical and applicable to their role. It’s a particular privilege to help people in businesses with great products and services do the same through being able to more effectively enhance the lives of their customers. I love looking at topics with a fresh perspective and contributing to the remarkable work Growth Partners are doing to assist businesses to thrive in the challenging modern marketplace.

Sam Murray

Head of Digital Product & Growth

I have been working in digital marketing for over 13 years, primarily within SEO and have created revenue driving SEO strategies for a number of the world's biggest global brands including Apple, Samsung and Qantas. I have also had the pleasure of leading and growing SEO teams across the UK and APAC markets and have been a proud contributor and author for both eConsultancy and B2B Marketing Magazines and award winning European Search Blog - www.stateofdigital.com

Brad Davison

Digital Design Manager

I'm a UX/UI specialist that has been designing and developing products since 2006, bridging the gap between digital marketing & technology relationships. I thrive on continuous improvement – building, tracking & optimising applications & prototypes to confirm user experience research, improving conversion & customer experience.

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