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Steve Bambury


Steve’s strong desire to help people grow and achieve their dreams is where his passion stems from in his role at Growth Partners. He loves to share the expertise and lessons he’s learned throughout the journey of his career to help businesses create a future-proof roadmap that’s effective, efficient, and affordable. He finds his role at Growth Partners immensely rewarding, because not only is it an opportunity to work with a talented and experienced team, he’s also able to give back to the business community.

Mal Jack


There’s a genuine vibrancy around businesses in growth mode and Mal thrives in this environment. He loves being an integral part of positive changes in culture and in revenue. His devotion to his work comes from his love for helping people achieve not only their profit goals, but their aspirations and dreams. He deeply enjoys helping people recapture their passion for what they do as Growth Partners clarifies the complex. Mal considers it an incredible privilege to be regarded as a trusted evaluator of ideas.

Keitha Smith

Head of Product Development

Keitha loves contributing to the remarkable work Growth Partners are doing to assist businesses to thrive in the challenging modern marketplace. Keitha’s deep-seated love of communication drives her work - a love for the sharing of skills, knowledge and understanding that benefits the listener in ways practical and applicable to their role. Keitha considers it a particular privilege to help people pass this on - when businesses with great products and services grow, they’re able to more effectively enhance the lives of their customers.

Sam Murray

Head of Digital Product & Growth

Sam has worked in digital marketing for almost 14 years, primarily within SEO and has created revenue driving SEO strategies for a number of the world's biggest global brands including Apple, Samsung and Qantas. Sam has had the pleasure of leading and growing SEO teams across the UK and APAC markets and was a proud contributor and author for eConsultancy, B2B Marketing Magazines and award winning European Search Blog - www.stateofdigital.com

Jack Papworth

Customer Success Manager

Jack has wide experience in the digital marketing space, having led projects for a diverse range of businesses and government organisations. He cares deeply about the needs of the customer, has an eye for detail, and takes pride in his ability to translate complicated technical information to enhance the customer experience.

Brad Davison

Digital Design Manager

Brad’s been bridging the gap between digital marketing & technology relationships since 2006 in his role as a UX/UI specialist. Brad thrives on the mindset of continuous improvement. His role involves building, tracking & optimising applications and prototypes to confirm user experience research, ultimately improving conversion and customer experience. The constant mutual sense of progression for both Brad and his clients drives his love for his work.

Stevie Edwards

Digital Enablement Specialist

Stevie develops programs that are beneficial for both individuals and organisations. He enjoys watching his work materialise into positive changes for people and their businesses. Stevie excels in collaborative work - his background in various strategy, mergers and technology teams gives him valuable insight into balancing the requirements of business with technical capabilities.

Karl Martin

SEO Specialist

Karl has a strong background as a digital consultant, with experience across a range of industries. He takes a performance-based approach to create compelling SEO strategies that enable businesses to stand out in the market. Karl also utilises his in-depth knowledge of paid media, search advertising and marketing automation to provide the crucial insights necessary for transformational digital growth.

Michael Catford

Content Writer

Michael has been writing compelling copy since 2015. Having produced content for almost every industry you can think of (and a few that you can’t), Michael brings a unique depth and breadth of experience to the Growth Partners team. Likes: making complex topics easily digestible, motivating people to think, feel and do. Dislikes: the sound of coins rubbing together, cats.

Becky Stanbridge

Content Writer

Becky is a social entrepreneur, a graphic artist, and an English language teacher. She has worked in Asia for a number of years, as well as America and England. This breadth of experience and deep cultural familiarity with a global audience allows her to understand different audiences leading to well crafted and engaging content.

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