Growing and evolving your business in an ever smaller and more competitive world is difficult. You need to understand the ways in which your business can get ahead, the role of technology in capitalising upon these opportunities, and the areas of risk and weakness that need to be addressed before such growth and development is considered. But these challenges needn’t be faced alone.

At Growth Partners our in-house experts are ready to provide growth sessions designed to  collaboratively extend your business capabilities, while developing or strengthening the specific areas of your business that will enhance its ability to grow. Our approach, at once in depth and data-driven, yet collaborative and easy to digest, will ensure that you are armed with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed.

What digital workshops do we offer?

Before you think ‘not another workshop’, let us assure you that our growth sessions aren’t the dry events you’ve come to know and despise. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Each interactive session takes a fresh look at the building blocks vital to springboard your business to growth, with direct workplace applications. We believe in the power of collaboration, a fact that our growth sessions reflect.

At Growth Partners we offer a wealth of growth sessions that cover the major challenges faced by modern businesses, including:

Focus on foundation

Research shows that great culture is key to higher productivity. Focus on foundation takes a unique look at all aspects of culture - including your core purpose – to create strategies to refocus your team as you enter a new era of growth.

Unlocking your market potential

Don’t waste time and money speaking to the wrong people. This session will ensure you identify the market segments with the greatest opportunities. You will clarify your ideal customer, define the problems you solve for them and identify key drivers to attract and engage decision-makers.

Brainstorm Sessions

In this growth session we take the key initiatives recommended during growth readiness analysis and explore these in depth. We will test the feasibility and practicality of growing your business in these new ways and determine priority for implementation.

Compelling presentations & proposals

Digital disruption has changed everything – including the way we should talk with customers. This growth session will develop your ability to prepare and deliver presentations and proposals, bring structure to your sales calls and discover recognised and unrecognised needs. We’ll extend your team’s capability to overcome objections and create value to close sales.

Customer experience roadmap

Many businesses will know about the need for a sales process. Fewer still will have a unified best-practice sales process that everyone follows. However, a sales process on its own is no longer enough. It fails to take into account the way buyer behaviour has changed due to digital disruption and it overlooks vital pieces of the complete customer journey. Many processes also have a strong internal focus that ignores the key player in the sale - the customer.

The art of meaningful storytelling

This growth session will enable you to more clearly and effectively attract and engage potential clients. We will consider the customer as we build messaging that articulates information in a way that inspires. We will look at when to use positive and negative messaging and consider how your business might better communicate – including through support materials.

Finding your ideal employees

The Center for American Progress estimates that replacing a single employee can cost as much as 213% of that employee’s salary. Finding your ideal employees is therefore smart business – and yet it’s a process fraught with problems. This growth session will maximise your chance of recruiting people with the skills to grow your business and enhance your existing team through a step-by-step process that includes induction, onboarding and retention.

What to expect at our workshops

Growth Partners growth sessions are a far cry from the dry and dull workshops that many businesses will have sat through in the past. Designed as a collaborative experience, we look at topics through your organisational lens, making each more real and easy to understand.

Just as you will ask questions of us, we will ask questions of you. We aim to solve real problems during the session, and arm you with the knowledge, tools and roadmap you need to turn words into action.

How do we deliver our workshops?

We’d answer that question with another: how would you like us to deliver your growth session?

While we initially delivered them in a traditional way - run by an in-person facilitator to your group, with individual, pair and group exercises spread throughout, we have since converted our growth sessions into a virtual experience. We have worked hard to modularise each in a way that allows them to be delivered in sections via Zoom. 

Generally speaking our virtual sessions are delivered to smaller groups than our in-person sessions, as this guards against inefficiency and confusion.

In short, our growth sessions can be delivered however you might like them to be: in-person, virtually, or a hybrid of the two.

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