No matter the size of your business, the industry it’s in, or the growth stage it’s at, there’s always an opportunity to do better, to be better. Whatever you envision as the future of your business, seeking the guidance of someone experienced can prove invaluable. Enter business mentorship.

Engaging a mentor ensures you don’t face business challenges alone. A mentor can help you define goals, refine strategy, and take meaningful steps to achieve objectives. Perhaps you’re planning an exit strategy, pivoting your business in challenging times, looking to sell more effectively, or hoping to enhance your marketing strategy - a business mentor brings experience, advice and a valuable outside perspective to the table, allowing you to do all this and more.

At Growth Partners, our business mentors have an incredible track record of helping Kiwi businesses be the best that they can be.

What is business mentorship?

Growth Partners’ business mentorship services sees your business enjoying expert, one-on-one and entirely confidential assistance. We help organisations who want to grow, pivot, or solve specific business challenges. Our mentors bring equal amounts of experience and empathy, and are ready to act as a sounding board, an advisor, a challenger of the status quo, and a source of valuable outside perspectives.

Our mentorship services can also extend beyond one-on-one sessions. We can offer advice to entire organisations, teams and C suites through bespoke consultation and training workshops - whatever your business feels it needs in order to gain the most value from its chosen mentor.

What does mentorship include?

Growth Partners’ business mentorship services include:

  • Access to experienced business mentors who have founded and grown businesses themselves, and are able to draw from deep firsthand experience.
  • Bespoke guidance and assistance, delivered however you and your business feel would be most beneficial.
  • Access to mentorship for as little or as long as you might need - our mentorship packages are flexible, meaning there’s an option for every business, no matter its situation.

Who is business mentorship valuable for?

Business mentorship can prove invaluable for any business, as it grants owners, leaders and stakeholders access to different (and particularly experienced) perspectives. Our mentorship services are most commonly utilised by smaller, younger organisations who are looking to grow, but we also regularly mentor larger organisations looking to pivot, and even governmental and multinational organisations who recognise the value that such perspectives bring.

Having contacted Growth Partners, you’ll be matched with the most relevant mentor for your situation; one who has gone through their own journey in business, and who thus understands the highs, lows and challenges you face.

Business mentorship will be valuable to you if:

  • You’re eager for your business to grow and evolve.
  • You’re open to outside perspectives that may differ from your own, and willing to receive constructive criticism.
  • You’re ready to commit to developing a relationship with your mentor, and to grant them access to the nuts and bolts of your organisation.

Who are our business mentors?

Having founded and grown their own organisations, Growth Partners mentors are people who bring a wealth of local business knowledge to the table. Our mentors are excellent communicators, ready to listen to and empathise with your situation, before offering actionable advice to forge a path ahead. Our mentors come from a broad range of backgrounds, and bring a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in New Zealand markets. 

On top of all that, Growth Partners business mentors are motivators, facilitators, guides, advocates, supports, empaths, sounding boards, catalysts for change and providers of outside perspectives. As our mentors aren’t invested in your business either emotionally or financially, you can trust them to provide fair and impartial advice, and to be motivated exclusively by your success.

What role do mentors play in company growth?

A Growth Partners business mentor will play an entirely unique role in your organisation. As consultants rather than employees, they’ll offer an unbiased and outsider’s perspective of your organisation. And unlike silent investors, their advice will be built around the goals that you outline at the beginning of the relationship, rather than any personal or financial motivations. 

You describe the challenges you face, and our business mentors will help you overcome them. You describe your goals and objectives, and our business mentors will help you achieve them. We’re there to assist you, to point out potential risks and pitfalls, and to offer guidance whenever you feel you need it. In short, a Growth Partners business mentor is whatever you want them to be.

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