Knowledge is power, so to improve your business, you must first gain a deep understanding of your business.

At Growth Partners we offer a full suite of auditing services designed to help you understand your organisation inside and out. We utilise a combination of the most innovative and proven audit strategies, in concert with our own proprietary technologies, to help your business better understand its current state of play, and to offer up recommendations on how to improve your performance.

What types of audits do we conduct?

At Growth Partners data forms the foundation of everything we do. We use a quantifiable and analytical approach, which allows us to gain a deeper, clearer and more holistic picture of the businesses we work with. And no offering better exemplifies our love of data than our audit services.

SEO audit

We evaluate your website’s ability to appear as a search result for relevant keywords and phrases. In essence, an SEO audit is a test of ‘Googleability’. 

There are a wealth of factors that contribute to where your site ranks. The audit analyses each of them to understand whether there are any issues that need to be addressed, or improvements that could be made. And with our data-driven, evidence-based approach, Growth Partners can get to the truth of your current SEO situation, before building effective strategies to improve it.

Marketing audit

What is your message? How effectively are you communicating it to your audience? Our marketing audit seeks to understand these questions, and uses the answers to identify what is working, what isn’t, and how your marketing strategy can improve. Using a quantifiable approach, we’ll reveal the truth of your current marketing situation.

Sales funnel audit

The days of the simple sales funnel are behind us. With the standard customer journey now being made up of six to eight touchpoints, and each customer taking a different path to conversion, gaining a clear view of how your customers move from first contact to purchase is a difficult task.

At Growth Partners we can clear these muddy waters, before applying our awareness, consideration, transaction (ACT) model to streamline and simplify the journey going forward.

Business audit

Combining elements of all the audits above, along with a variety of other business-critical systems and processes, our business audit will grant you a complete and perfectly transparent snapshot of your business. Working from this enviable vantage point, we can assist you in crafting a business strategy that will see you adapting, evolving and growing well into the future.

What should you expect from our audits?

How does the auditing process play out? No matter the service you choose to capitalise on, you can expect the following to be delivered:

  • Performance analysis: A complete breakdown of current performance, compared against agreed upon benchmarks.
  • Customer analysis: A breakdown of your current customers, how they compare to your identified target market, and the effectiveness of your communication strategy.
  • Competitor review: Analysis of the performance of your direct competitors against your own.
  • Issue identification: A complete breakdown of identified issues and areas of improvement.
  • Insights: A suite of revealing insights extrapolated from the analysis, review and issue identification stages.
  • Recommendations: Insights are developed into actionable recommendations.
  • Next steps: Clear next steps to solve identified issues and capitalise on identified opportunities. This is where we light the path ahead.

How do we deliver our audits?

The word ‘audit’ has certain connotations, but the Growth Partners process is far removed from when Inland Revenue comes knocking at your door.

We take a consultative approach from the very beginning. We start by gathering information in workshops and requesting data from the appropriate parties. We collect both hard quantitative data through analytics, and qualitative data through surveys and interviews.

Data collection complete, you can leave us to conduct our analysis, allowing you to get on with your work.

Once the audit is complete, our findings and recommendations are typically presented in-person to senior stakeholders. We then generally conduct a number of follow-up sessions in which we run through possible paths forward, and develop the necessary roadmaps.

Our aim is to cause the minimum amount of disruption, while delivering analysis, insights and recommendations of the highest quality, and in the most easily digestible way.

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