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To improve your online presence, you must first know your online presence. And a Growth Partners SEO audit grants you the opportunity to understand exactly that.

At Growth Partners we utilise a combination of the most innovative and proven search engine optimisation (SEO) audit strategies, in concert with our own proprietary technologies, to help your business better understand how ‘Google-friendly’ it currently is, and to offer up recommendations on how to improve your performance.

What is an SEO audit?

The process of making your website search engine-friendly and getting it to rank higher for relevant search terms, is known as search engine optimisation, or SEO.

In an SEO audit, your website undergoes an evaluation of its ability to appear as a search result for relevant keywords and phrases. In essence, it’s a test of ‘Googleability’.

There are a wealth of factors that contribute to where your site ranks. The audit analyses each of them to understand whether there are any issues that need to be attended to, or improvements that could be made.

And with our data-driven, evidence-based approach, Growth Partners can get to the truth of your current SEO situation, before building effective strategies to improve it.

Why are SEO audits important?

SEO audits are important because search engines are important. Google is in many ways the arbiter of the internet. It commands over 92% of search engine market share, with 3.5 billion searches performed every day.

With up to 95% of web traffic going to sites on the first page of Google, and the vast majority of clicks going to the first and second results listed on that first page, understanding your website’s Googleability and taking steps to improve it can grant your business access to an enormous audience.

The opposite is also true. When it comes to SEO, ignorance is far from bliss. To ignore it is to let your competitors enjoy the search engine limelight – if you think of your website as your digital storefront, they’ll boast prime high street real estate, while you’ll be hidden away in a dimly lit alley.

We felt inspired, and expanded in our vision from our meetings with Growth Partners. Definitely have a clearer path to accomplishing our goals, and clear actions to take!

Jennifer Rumore
Metalworks Wanaka

The team at Growth Partners listened to my situation and accurately identified the area I needed to direct my efforts to, with a long term view of my business.

Steve Couper
Stealth Films

The advice provided confirmed and or added value to our continuity plans. The team were empathetic, professional and genuinely wanted us to succeed. Highly recommended.

Zeprina Fale

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What do most SEO audits cover?

Most SEO audits are made up of the following five elements.

Keyword research

How do customers search for your product or service online? What keywords do they use in the awareness, consideration and transaction phases of their journey? What are their pain points, needs and desires? What impact does seasonality have on keywords and their associated monthly search volumes? Do certain demographics search differently? If so, how? What are the FAQs? All of these questions, answered by the audit, will drive your SEO strategy.

Technical analysis

How well is your website organised? Can search engines easily pull information from your most important pages? Is it fast and mobile friendly? Are users bouncing off particular pages for an unknown reason? We combine quantitative analysis and SEO experience to make your site structurally sound and search engine friendly.

On-page analysis

Does your website paint a full picture of the breadth and depth of the products/services you offer? Does your website align with your key product offerings? Are there opportunities to offer valuable information to your audience? Our research identifies new opportunities to create additional landing pages, or to restructure your website to maximise reach.

Off-page analysis

Google wants to deliver relevant and trustworthy results to its users. To measure these otherwise subjective metrics Google uses backlinks from other sites to yours - an indication that you’re an authority in the space - and looks at ratings and reviews to gauge your reputation. Our off-page analysis takes the external factors of SEO into account.

Competitive analysis

The online world is very different to the offline world. We identify your major web competitors, and compare your online presence to theirs. You will be surprised at who is taking the most traffic, your traffic, away from you. We’ll identify who dominates the organic market, the product categories competitors excel in, and the areas of weakness that we can exploit.

Why are our SEO audits different?

With 15 years of SEO experience, our team has developed a deep understanding of SEO auditing, and a unique approach to it.

Where most agencies offer analysis via a basic yes/no checklist, we are committed to providing SEO audits that offer up hard numbers and real depth.

Unlike other agencies, we use multiple sources for our keyword research, which allows us to paint an accurate picture of customer behaviour, and gain insight into personas and intent.

Our tech audits are governed by potential impact versus effort required, ensuring your roadmap is built around only the most effective strategies with the greatest ROI. We prioritise quick wins early, and attack the most severe issues straight after.

Our SEO audits and subsequent strategy development have proven incredibly successful for a wide range of clients across industries - on the back of our efforts, our three most recent clients have seen double digit growth within six months.

Check out our SmartShelters and HR Profiling case studies for more information about the results you could achieve.

How long do SEO audits take?

The timeframes over which SEO audits are performed can vary based on a wealth of factors; what we have been asked to audit, the size and complexity of the site, the depth of issues, any manual or algorithmic penalties and more.

We have audited everything from small brick and mortar businesses with 20 page websites, through to large multinationals with almost one million pages, and as you can understand, the timeframes over which we undertook these audits varied greatly.

But as an average, our SEO audits typically take around four to five weeks for a comprehensive review.

How long does it take to see results from an SEO audit?

This is another question that can be difficult to answer, given the range of audits that we conduct. It will depend on the size of the site, what is being implemented, how much competition the business faces, how strong these competitors are, and the existing authority and trust your site boasts.

As a general rule, fixing multiple high priority issues can have an impact within four to eight weeks, but the real value is more often seen further down the line, within three to six months. It’s important to note that SEO is a long-term tactic that doesn’t deliver instant results, but instead offer incredible pay-offs over time.

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