When a potential customer is on the hunt for a product or service that you offer, it’s highly likely that they’ll consult Google to find it.

Getting Google to rank your website highly, and for the most relevant queries, is arguably the most important marketing investment a modern business can make.

At Growth Partners we utilise a combination of the most innovative and proven search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies, in concert with our own proprietary technologies, to help businesses maximise the return on this investment.

Our approach to SEO

At Growth Partners we see growth as more a journey than a destination. Our SEO approach is built upon our values of honesty, impeccability, passion, respect and kaizen; change for the better through continuous improvement.

We use a series of proprietary technologies to bring efficiency, effectiveness and clarity to the process, including forecasting its ROI. We give our clients market-leading insights, clear roadmaps, and expert advice on SEO investments with the greatest potential.

Growth Partners constantly looked for the next opportunity to improve our organic rankings across a range of verticals, often finding small, undiscovered issues & opportunities that made a significant impact.

Mark Dawson
Senior Manager - SEM/SEO, Qantas

We felt inspired, and expanded in our vision from our meetings with Growth Partners. Definitely have a clearer path to accomplishing our goals, and clear actions to take!

Jennifer Rumore
Metalworks Wanaka

The team at Growth Partners listened to my situation and accurately identified the area I needed to direct my efforts to, with a long term view of my business.

Steve Couper
Stealth Films

The advice provided confirmed and or added value to our continuity plans. The team were empathetic, professional and genuinely wanted us to succeed. Highly recommended.

Zeprina Fale

Growth Partners has always been our reliable support in disclosing new insights we can use to improve our business’ online presence and messaging. Expect high quality data that could reveal the unexpected!

Moniek Haan
Digital Marketing Program Manager, Medtronic

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What SEO services do we offer?

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Keyword research

A deep dive into how customers search for your product or service online. What keywords do they use in the awareness, consideration and transaction phases of their journey? What are their pain points, needs and desires? What impact does seasonality have on keywords and their associated monthly search volumes? Do certain demographics search differently? If so, how? What are the FAQs? These questions form and drive our SEO strategy, and our quantitative data-driven approach means results are closely monitored.

Competitor research and analysis

The online world is very different to the offline world. We identify your major web competitors, and compare your online presence to theirs. You will be surprised at who is taking the most traffic, your traffic, away from you. We’ll identify who dominates the organic market, the product categories competitors excel in, and the areas of weakness that we can exploit.

Content gap analysis

Does your website paint a full picture of the breadth and depth of the products/services you offer? Does your website align with your key product offerings? Are there opportunities to offer valuable information to your audience? Our research identifies new opportunities to create additional landing pages, or restructure your website to maximise your reach.

Performance analysis

How fast is your website? Is it mobile friendly? Are users bouncing off particular pages for an unknown reason? Our SEO research and recommendations are designed to uncover and resolve all of these issues.

Information architecture

How well is your website organised? Can search engines easily pull information from your most important pages? Can customers navigate it easily? We combine quantitative analysis and SEO experience to make your site perfectly search engine and user friendly. This strategy is incredibly effective – our three most recent clients have seen double digit growth within six months.

ROI projection

Our quantitative data-driven approach projects what you stand to gain from your SEO investment using real and relevant data points from your analytics, such as average order value and conversion rate.

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Technical SEO review

We understand that not everyone loves the technical stuff, which is why we work with the right internal or external stakeholders to achieve results, while being perfectly transparent and keeping you in the loop with regular meetings and updates. We analyse your website as Google does, to identify any issues and errors. Our technical SEO review serves to demonstrate the impact of subpar SEO on your digital marketing efforts, and the potential of good SEO to improve it. We speak in a language our customers understand – whatever level of technicality they’re comfortable with.

On-page SEO

Content plays a critical role in SEO. We are entering the age of conversational search, Googling by speaking to our home and phone assistants. This has resulted in the average word count of high ranking pages increasing to just under 2000 words. Businesses must adapt to this new normal, so we work with content and marketing teams to achieve results, and can take care of publishing and other tasks if internal resources are limited.

Off-site SEO

Google measures trust through backlinks – if a number of trusted, relevant and authoritative sites are linking to you, that’s a good indication that your site is trusted, relevant and authoritative too. Our off-site SEO service focuses on acquiring quality backlinks. Unlike other vendors, we exclusively use white-hat tactics that carry no threat of manual or algorithmic penalty.

SEO case studies

SmartShelters see 88% increase in visits YoY

  • Who: SmartShelters, a century-old (yet incredibly innovative) NZ shed and shelter manufacturer.
  • Issue: SmartShelters lacked any real search engine presence for high volume terms that prospective customers were actively searching for. The company was subsequently missing out on a vast amount of leads.
  • Service: We conducted a full SEO audit/DigitalArchitect, granting us a comprehensive view of SmartShelters’ digital footprint. Over the course of six months we conducted a full-scale website redevelopment with an architecture and content refresh.
  • Results: An 88% increase in visits YoY, equating to 3.5k additional visitors. Establishing 1st and 2nd position for major product terms and seeing a significant growth in online leads (x%).

HR Profiling Solutions see 161% increase in organic visits YoY

  • Who: HR Profiling Solutions deliver the world’s most advanced workplace behavioural assessments, being the official NZ distributor of Extended DISC and FinxS tools for 21 years.
  • Issue: The company lacked any meaningful search engine presence for the most relevant, high-volume terms, and had no landing pages targeting key terms within the Awareness and Consideration stages.
  • Service: A full SEO audit/DigitalArchitect identified issues, which led to website redevelopment, architecture restructure and a content refresh over the course of three months.
  • Results: Our work resulted in a 161% increase in organic visits YoY. HR Profiling Solutions recorded its strongest ever month for leads, while also attracting bigger businesses with larger budgets and more frequent needs.

A typical SEO journey

At Growth Partners our approach to SEO can be summarised in four steps:

  1. Gather and analyse information.
  2. Uncover barriers and build solutions.
  3. Discover and evaluate new opportunities.
  4. Formulate and prioritise plans.

There’s arguably a fifth step too: enjoy the results and grow your business.

What is SEO?

The process of making your website search engine-friendly and getting it to rank higher for relevant search terms is known as Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO.

Google and other search engines want to serve the highest quality and most relevant results to their users – in fact their business depends on it. They do this by analysing your website, checking its relevance, quality and trustworthiness.

SEO encompasses a vast array of strategies, but all have the same aim – to make your website as alluring to search engines as possible.

Why is SEO important?

Google is in many ways the arbiter of the internet. It commands over 92% of search engine market share, with 3.5 billion searches performed every day.

With up to 95% of web traffic going to sites on the first page of Google, and the vast majority of clicks going to the first and second results listed on that first page, investing in SEO can grant your business access to an enormous audience.

The opposite is also true. To ignore SEO is to let your competitors enjoy the search engine limelight – if you think of your website as your digital storefront, they’ll boast prime high street real estate, while you’ll be hidden away in a dimly lit alley.

How do I improve my Google SEO ranking?

SEO is a complex and multifaceted discipline, not least because Google and other search engines never make their algorithm – the recipe for search engine success – publicly available. There are a wealth of elements at play and factors to consider, so it’s wise to partner with an expert team like Growth Partners if you are serious about SEO success.

You also need to be patient. As noted above, SEO is a long-term strategy, and you may not enjoy the fruits of your labour for months. It’s about forming a foundation and building upon it. Once results start to accumulate they also accelerate, which can lead to exponential growth when done correctly.

How long until SEO takes effect?

Most SEO vendors tend to answer that question with another: how long is a piece of string? With so many factors at play, and with strategies ranging from simple content creation to comprehensive website overhauls, there’s no simple answer, apart from the fact that timescales are measured in weeks or months rather than minutes.

That said, at Growth Partners our data-driven approach gives you unprecedented clarity on your SEO journey, including where you’ve been, where you’re at, and where you need to go.

How do I know if SEO is working?

The answers are in the data. At Growth Partners we provide our clients with a wealth of metrics, with tracking outlined in regular reports. Some of the most important include:

  • Search engine results page (SERP) ranking
  • Site visitors
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Leads generated
  • Cost per acquisition (CPA)

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