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Moving up the search engine results page (SERP) is meaningless if you target the wrong search terms.

Identifying the keywords and phrases that are most applicable to your business is the first and arguably most important step in search engine optimisation, as it lays the foundation of your entire strategy.

At Growth Partners we avoid the traditional, instead utilising our own unique and extremely effective keyword research strategy. Add in our knowledge, experience and use of proprietary technologies, and our team can ensure that your business maximises the return on its search marketing investment.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is the process of understanding how people use search engines. More specifically, it’s about understanding how your target audience searches for things relating to you, your products and services, and your industry.

The idea is to identify the most relevant and commonly used keywords and phrases, and utilise them in your website and marketing materials so that you show up as a result when the term is Googled.

If you are a plumber in Auckland, you’ll understandably want to come up as a result when someone types ‘Auckland plumber’ into Google. But keyword research may also indicate that the same person is likely to type ‘how to fix a burst pipe’, ‘how to switch off mains water’, and perhaps even ‘cost of water damage’. 

As per the example above, it is important to not only rank for transactional type queries but also the awareness and consideration stage. This allows you to establish a trusted voice in your industry, control the conversation and engage with prospective customers across multiple touch points - increasing the likelihood of a sale. 

Armed with this information, you can begin to build out a content strategy and align optimisation with user search behaviour - a key component of driving success for any business in any industry.

Why is keyword research important?

Keyword research offers valuable insight into what your customers are searching for, and how they’re searching for it. Unfortunately, we find that many businesses either don’t know or simply assume how their audience searches. You’ll be amazed at the difference between how you talk about your products and services internally versus how your customers search for them.

Keyword research forms the blueprint for your search marketing efforts, and also influences your broader digital marketing strategy. Solid keyword research makes everything down the digital marketing path more efficient and effective.

Without it, you can’t drive traffic to your site, sales of your product/service, or return on your marketing investment. 

But armed with a deeper understanding of the customer, you can increase sales effectiveness, granting your customer service team the ability to be more empathetic to pain points. 

Our approach to keyword research

Traditional keyword research, and the strategy that the overwhelming majority of marketing firms use, is the simple act of extracting information from Google Keyword Planner. But there are a number of issues with this method:

  • Using the same approach as your competitors offers no competitive advantage.
  • The insights offered by this service are shallow. True keyword research demands a far deeper understanding of a business.
  • Ask yourself: do you trust Google to hand over the keywords you need to succeed on Google? We validate our hypothesis using paid search and we have seen time and again that impression data varies considerably, especially for those low competition but high intent terms that can drive great results. 

At Growth Partners we knew there was a better way, which led to the development of our Awareness-Consideration-Transaction (ACT) approach. This sees us breaking down the customer journey funnel into three distinct pieces, before looking at the purpose, desired buyer behaviour, and targeted business outcome within each.

Highlighting seasonality and buyer personas

Our research highlights how prospective customers search for products or services, the volumes associated with each keyword, the locality of those searches, and even the seasonality of individual queries. We then categorise and subcategorise user search behaviour, identifying the audience and their intent in order to create buyer personas, which we use to model our marketing strategy.

If this sounds like the sort of data that you’d love to get your hands on, get in touch. 

Targeting blended search results

We identify the keywords that trigger blended search results - i.e. when Google shows videos, images and information boxes as part of the search results - as this offers an opportunity to optimise assets outside of traditional web copy, increasing visibility and positioning your brand as a leader in your field.

Identifying common FAQs

We identify the 20 most common FAQs, which we use to address the needs/concerns/pain points of prospective clients, and provide solutions to them. This research forms the basis of your content strategy, further helping your SERP ranking and your position as an industry authority.

All this research not only drives your digital marketing strategy, it can also steer your overall business strategy, as you identify untapped markets, in-demand products, and the times of year in which sales will be most effective.

In short, our approach to keyword research is comprehensive, and makes our subsequent digital marketing efforts incredibly efficient and effective.

We felt inspired, and expanded in our vision from our meetings with Growth Partners. Definitely have a clearer path to accomplishing our goals, and clear actions to take!

Jennifer Rumore
Metalworks Wanaka

The team at Growth Partners listened to my situation and accurately identified the area I needed to direct my efforts to, with a long term view of my business.

Steve Couper
Stealth Films

The advice provided confirmed and or added value to our continuity plans. The team were empathetic, professional and genuinely wanted us to succeed. Highly recommended.

Zeprina Fale

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