Business has changed radically in the last few years, thanks almost exclusively to digital technology. As consumers increasingly look to tech to answer questions and solve problems, digital marketing strategies have become critical for every business, regardless of industry or size.

Sudden change brings serious opportunity. At Growth Partners our experienced team guides Kiwi businesses in maximising the perks and minimising the pitfalls of this new digital marketing landscape. Using a suite of proprietary approaches and technologies, we clear the muddied waters of digital marketing, and offer you a clear path forward.

Why digital marketing?

When was the last time you opened up a copy of the Yellow Pages? When was the last time you were compelled to make a purchase after hearing an ad on the radio? When last did a newspaper ad seem to be written just for you?

It’s not that traditional forms of marketing are ineffective - they continue to have their place. They are however somewhat limited in their usefulness, particularly when compared against their digital equivalents.

People now all but live on the internet. If you want their attention, that’s where you need to be. When compared to traditional marketing, digital also offers the following alluring perks:

  • The ability to interact and engage with potential customers, and to learn exactly what they are looking for.
  • The ability to reach a far larger number of potential customers, no matter where they are on the planet.
  • Far greater cost-effectiveness, and an ability to closely track responses and key metrics.
  • An ability to show your personality to your customers, creating brand loyalty.

Digital marketing services

At Growth Partners we are a full stack digital consultancy. We provide an extensive selection of digital marketing services designed to solve the modern business problems created by the recent and significant changes to the buyer journey.

We support these services with a comprehensive range of tools, programmes and workshops designed to extend your business’s knowledge, skills and capability. We also provide meaningful metrics to empower great business decisions, and to ultimately accelerate growth.

In short, we offer all the digital marketing services that your brand will need for it to be successful online.

Our digital marketing approach

At Growth Partners we see growth as more a journey than a destination. Our digital marketing approach is built upon our values of honesty, impeccability, passion, respect and kaizen; change for the better through continuous improvement.

We use a series of proprietary technologies to bring efficiency, effectiveness and clarity to the process, including forecasting its ROI. We give our clients market-leading insights, clear roadmaps, and expert advice on the search marketing investments with the greatest potential.

Our experience within digital marketing

At Growth Partners we bring deep knowledge and expertise in digital marketing, and its relationship with sales and business growth. We have developed a number of proprietary technologies that arm you with the insights needed to craft digital strategy, and the tools that help you deliver it.

We help all manner of organisations, from small local businesses to multinational conglomerates, to realise the incredible power of digital marketing, and we do so in an innovative yet practical way.

Our clients

At Growth Partners we have worked with many of the region’s and the world’s largest and most influential brands, including Qantas, Apple, Samsung, UNSW, HR Block, Sportsbet, Medtronic, Tennant, Aussie Home Loans, Auspost and Suncorp.

We felt inspired, and expanded in our vision from our meetings with Growth Partners. Definitely have a clearer path to accomplishing our goals, and clear actions to take!

Jennifer Rumore
Metalworks Wanaka

The team at Growth Partners listened to my situation and accurately identified the area I needed to direct my efforts to, with a long term view of my business.

Steve Couper
Stealth Films

The advice provided confirmed and or added value to our continuity plans. The team were empathetic, professional and genuinely wanted us to succeed. Highly recommended.

Zeprina Fale

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What can I expect from a digital marketing agency?

Finding the right digital marketing agency is an important decision. You need to take the time to do your research, and find an agency that aligns with your needs. When shopping for a digital marketing agency, consider the following:

Understand your needs

What do you hope to get from the relationship? You don’t need to get into digital marketing specifics - we can help you with that - but you should enter the process with a sense of your aims.

Set a budget

What are you willing to spend? It’s wise to go in with some form of budget, even if you’re unsure what things might cost. A good agency will tell you exactly what they will be able to achieve with your proposed investment, and arm you with the information you need to adjust your budget according to your goals.

Prioritise honesty and transparency

Honesty and transparency should permeate through the entire agency. Your investment and expected return should be clearly defined, as should the ways in which it will be achieved.

Check reviews

What do previous customers say about the agency? Be sure to check that promises are delivered.

Seek industry experience

Has an agency worked in your niche before? Such experience can prove invaluable, as lessons learned on earlier projects can be applied to yours.

Do you get along?

The value of ‘clicking’ with your agency should not be understated. Would you enjoy having a drink with the team on a Friday afternoon? If yes, that’s a good sign that you’ll work together well.

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Digital Testimonials

“Growth Partners brings a lot of energy and passion to the table along with experience and smarts. I have no hesitation in recommending Growth partners to any SME trying to get ahead and noticed in their market"

- Ash Collins, Managing Director of Tuff Stuff Australia

“In the 30 years of owning the business I have never had a more complete and effective service provided. I thoroughly recommend Growth Partners to anyone that has the desire to improve their business.”

- Len Day, Principal/Director of Austar Realty.

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