Content is the backbone of your digital marketing efforts.

It’s perhaps not immediately apparent how writing a how-to blog for your website or recording a behind the scenes office video for your LinkedIn profile will result in a sale, but this is because content sits at the very beginning of the sales funnel, and is less about direct revenue than it is about moulding your reputation.

At Growth Partners we clearly outline the role that content can play in helping your business grow, and utilise a combination of the most innovative and proven strategies, in concert with our own proprietary technologies, to help you maximise the return on your content marketing investment.

Why is content important?

Content, no matter what form it might be in - video, blog, podcast, interview or social media post, to name but a few - plays a number of roles in pushing your business forward. Three of the most compelling reasons to invest in content marketing include:

It educates your audience

When a potential customer first considers whether a product or service is right for them, they’ll look to learn a little more about it. Educational content can not only deliver the information they are looking for, but can also provide you with a voice, positioning your brand as an expert in your (often crowded) industry. Consider the sorts of questions a customer might ask, and look to answer them.

It increases your online footprint

Content makes you more visible online. It serves as fodder for your website, your social media channels and your marketing materials, getting your name in front of more eyes.

Prospective customers are online more and searching for content across multiple touchpoints - consider the emergence of voice search and home assistant technologies, for example - so creating and optimising content for different channels has never been more important.

It moves you up the Google Search Results

Good content will result in third party websites linking back to it. Backlinks are a key factor in search engine algorithms, as they indicate that a website is authoritative and trustworthy. So, along with positioning your brand as a thought leader, content is vital for SEO, and will help you to move up the Google results page for relevant keywords.

At Growth Partners we can help you to develop both an overarching strategy and the content to drive it, allowing you to enjoy the wealth of benefits that quality content brings.

We felt inspired, and expanded in our vision from our meetings with Growth Partners. Definitely have a clearer path to accomplishing our goals, and clear actions to take!

Jennifer Rumore
Metalworks Wanaka

The team at Growth Partners listened to my situation and accurately identified the area I needed to direct my efforts to, with a long term view of my business.

Steve Couper
Stealth Films

The advice provided confirmed and or added value to our continuity plans. The team were empathetic, professional and genuinely wanted us to succeed. Highly recommended.

Zeprina Fale

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What role does content play in the user journey funnel?

Content plays two vital roles in the initial stages of the user journey funnel.


Content is arguably the most effective method of getting your brand in front of potential customers. By offering something valuable to your audience, you capture their attention, exposing your brand to relevant eyes all the while. When it comes time to purchase, good content will have helped to establish your name as an authority in the space - ideally one who the customer feels comfortable and confident in purchasing from.


While the best content is rarely overtly salesy, it can be created in a way that answers customer questions, while subtly offering up your product or service as a solution. This makes it valuable in the consideration phase of the sales funnel. Think comparison charts, where your offering is lined up against a competitor’s, or a tutorial where your solution is shown to solve a common problem.

Perhaps you need to focus on building your brand through awareness. Perhaps you enjoy a solid market position, and can instead focus on the consideration phase. Whatever the case, our content experts will analyse your online presence and long-term goals, and create a content strategy to suit.

How is content utilised across digital channels?

The term ‘content’ covers a vast array of informative material, which can be delivered to your audience in an equally vast array of ways:

  • On your site: In the form of a blog, an information page, an embedded video, or downloadable material.
  • On third party sites: In ads, as guest posts or as backlinks to your site.
  • On social media platforms: As text, image, video or linked posts on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok profiles, or videos uploaded to YouTube.
  • In direct messages: Attachments/links in emails/direct messages.

Our content services

At Growth Partners we bring proven expertise in content strategy and creation. Our services include:

  • Content strategy: Keyword research and quantitative data drives our content approach. We help you to develop content that aligns with user needs and search behaviours. We work to understand and speak to prospective customers, addressing pain points and making use of emotive triggers.
  • Copywriting: We create compelling copy for your website, landing pages and marketing materials.
  • Blog writing: We write blogs designed to help your brand build a presence and a voice in the market, while also offering real value to potential customers.
  • Content creation: We create content for you to share via email, on social media or on third party publications, designed to build brand awareness and drive backlinks for SEO.

Content Testimonials

“Growth Partners are friendly, creative and forward thinkers. I enjoyed their knowledge and passion for marketing!”

- Jenni Nolan, 360 Clean Services 

“We felt inspired, and expanded in our vision from our meetings with Growth Partners. Definitely have a clearer path to accomplishing our goals, and clear actions to take!”

- Jennifer Rumore, Metalworks Wanaka.

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