Growth Focus Questionnaire

Digital Transformation is key to survival & growth in 2021 and companies that are doing this well are booming.

Any successful digital transformation strategy starts with clarity and this short, growth focussed questionnaire is intended to share with you the questions that top-performing companies are answering to unlock their potential to grow profitably.

This 3-minute questionnaire will give you a benchmark score so you can quickly see how you stack up.


If you don’t know the size of your online opportunity then how will you know where to invest and how much to invest?

Do you understand the size/extent of your online marketing opportunity - relative to your key revenue streams?

Do you know your online market share for each key revenue streams?

Do you clearly understand where to invest your marketing dollar to get the best return on investment?



If you are unaware of your online competitors, their market share and strengths and weaknesses then how do you minimise risk?

Do you know who are your online competitors and their current market share?

Do you understand their online strengths and weaknesses?

Do you know how to cost-effectively grow your online market share?



The primary purpose of your website is to generate high quality leads. How well is yours performing?

Does your website consistently generate high quality leads that convert to sales?

Are you getting enough quality leads for your team to make their revenue number?

Does your website clearly differentiate your business from your competitors? 

Do you understand your ‘website discoverability factor’ - the extent to which your website is aligned to modern search behaviour and discoverable by your ideal customers?


Key Metrics

Are you measuring the things that truly matter?

Do you understand how much it costs to gain a qualified lead and sale in each of your key revenue streams? 

Do you have solid forecasting models for each of your key revenue streams for a minimum of 24 months?



Are your sales, marketing and delivery teams truly aligned with the needs of your customer?

Do you have a common description of your ideal customer as defined by your sales, marketing and delivery | execution teams?

Have your marketing, sales and delivery teams collaborated to create an overarching customer experience roadmap with customer touch points aligned to internal processes? 

Do you have an overarching digital content strategy that aligns with customer search and informs all marketing activities?



Having the right mindset is critical and is the foundation of any successful digital growth strategy!

Desire - Do you have a growth mindset - are you willing to invest, embrace external partnerships and open to new ideas?

Commitment - on the strength of a strong business case, are you prepared to invest the time, resources and money to grow your business?


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