How do you review a website?

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Steve Bambury

Humans are visual creatures. This is why when it comes to their website, the primary concern for most organisations is aesthetics. “Make it look beautiful/professional/sleek/fun,” they say, with little regard for anything else.

But by focusing too much on the superficial, performance tends to fall by the wayside.

What is a website audit?        

For websites, poor performance means that you won’t earn a high ranking on Google, which in turn means far fewer site visitors. While you’ve put all this effort into making something beautiful, you’ve forgotten to invite the audience. But there is a rather simple way to rectify this situation and ensure your website performs.

Enter the art of website auditing – a way to analyse the current performance of your website and identify areas of improvement. Website audits like Growth Partners’ Website Performance Analysis identify the technical improvements that will turn your website into a sales or lead generation machine.

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How can I check my website ranking?

With the bulk of internet users no longer manually typing in URLs, the importance of search engines is only increasing. Finding where you rank on Google is therefore critical to the success of any modern business. So, where do you sit?

Conducting a basic check of your current website ranking is simple: type the most relevant keywords you can think of into Google, and look for your site. As an example, a plumber in Auckland might type in ‘plumber Auckland’. If you can’t see yourself on the first page, you have work to do.

But in reality this is a somewhat shallow and meaningless check. Audits like Growth Partners’ Website Performance Analysis take a deeper dive into your website’s relationship with Google. Deep keyword research and competitor analysis is conducted, granting you a more complete picture of your SEO situation.

How long does a website audit take?

When done properly, website audits are comprehensive processes that seek to gain a deep understanding of the current state of play. As such they aren’t simple, one-click events.

A Growth Partners’ Website Performance Analysis generally takes 4 weeks to complete. This investment of resources will deliver you both a complete look at your current situation, and a clearly defined strategy to improve it.

How can I check my website SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the art of making your website as alluring as possible to search engines in order to work your way up the rankings for relevant keywords. It’s a multifaceted discipline, taking into account things like website content, performance and authority, which makes checking SEO a difficult proposition.

While there are a wealth of free tools available that purport to check your website’s SEO, these inevitably offer up an inaccurate (or severely limited) view of the situation. Growth Partners’ Website Performance Analysis, on the other hand, will offer you a complete understanding of your SEO and website performance, along with a roadmap to improvement.

Why do you need a website audit?

A website audit may seem like a luxury to some; an expense that they really can’t justify. But when you consider the size of the opportunity that search engines offer – access to potentially millions of eyes looking for your specific solution – it’s almost impossible to argue against an investment in a website audit.

The role website audit is to arm you with the information you need to succeed online. Knowledge is power, and a website audit delivers it. Once you understand your situation, you can work to improve it, particularly if you partner with an expert in the field.

What is included in a website audit?

Making your website alluring to search engines is about satisfying the algorithms that rank results. The makeup of these algorithms is a closely guarded secret, as knowing exactly what Google is looking for would allow websites to game the system. Nonetheless, trial and error has revealed the wealth of things that Google considers in its rankings, which span a number of areas like website relevance, content, performance and authority.

For its part, Growth Partners’ Website Performance Analysis works to identify these considerations, focusing on technical improvements that will make a real difference to your ranking. It delivers a report card of the most relevant metrics relating to SEO and user experience, marking each from A to F. Examples of metrics include:

  • Web page sizes below 200KB
  • CTA above fold for highest trafficked pages (CRO)
  • Site search
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Primary navigation easy to understand
  • Page you are on highlighted in the navigation
  • Footer navigation easy to understand/not spammy
  • The use of aggressive pop-ups, overlays
  • Website design clean and free of unnecessary distractions
  • Font type and size easy to read
  • Anything on the website confusing or unclear

How to improve a poorly produced website

The Website Performance Analysis elements mentioned above give you a sense of what search engines are looking for. If your report card is replete with Fs, you’d be wise to improve those scores. But how?

Methods to improve poorly produced websites can vary greatly, and are utilised on a case-by-case basis. In some instances problems may be relatively simple to solve, while in others a complete website overhaul will be required. The one common thread through website analysis and improvement is the need for expertise.

Search engine and website performance optimisation are inherently technical pursuits. While the non-technical among us will judge a site on how beautiful, simple or sleek it is, SEO experts know that search engines are looking at something else altogether, and that pleasing them is far more important than pleasing the handful of users who stoically bypass Google, and continue to manually type URLs.

At Growth Partners our Website Performance Analysis has been designed by such experts, and offers up the information your website needs to succeed. If you’re ready to get your website working for you, we’re ready to help.

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